About Our Current Exhibitor

Ranaa Farooq

I am a self-taught abstract painter born in Birmingham and now living in Sheffield. I create paintings which are rooted in self-development and spirituality.

Originally, I trained as a doctor and spent many years within the NHS but a pivotal moment of introspection amidst the Covid pandemic meant that I could finally concentrate on creating my art and the realm of abstract painting, a medium through which I seek to convey the intricate interplay between the conscious and subconscious mind.

In 2021 I won the People’s Choice Award for my painting ‘Hope’ at the Fronteer Open (Sheffield). In 2022 I won first place at D31 gallery’s Winter Exhibition (Doncaster) for my piece titled ‘It is within you.’ In the same year I also won first place in the abstract category at Sheffield’s Art in the Gardens, for my work, ‘When the Dawn breaks.’

My art is an exploration of colour, texture, and intuition. In each brushstroke, I aim to encapsulate a moment of connection with something deeper and more spiritual. My paintings are usually acrylic on canvas with texture applied.

I’m still on my journey of self-development and training to become a certified life coach. My aspiration is to guide others in recognising the significance of self-awareness. My mission is to empower individuals to tap into the inherent, transformative healing capabilities we all possess.

My art has been a source of personal healing, serving as a canvas for the lessons I’ve learned along my journey. Sharing these expressions with the world brings me immense joy.

About Our Past Exhibitors

Judith Webster

I live in Nether Edge. In the past I have done a lot of printmaking – linocuts, woodcuts, etching and collagraph and exhibited around the UK. More recently I have been focusing on drawing and painting.

The flower studies exhibited in Art Scene mainly use flowers from my own garden. I use black Quink ink with a bamboo pen and, when the ink is dry, I add watercolour.

Proceeds from the sales of the pictures will be divided equally between Food Works Sheffield – a charity which uses surplus food in their kitchen, offers surplus food to the local community and produces locally grown food on their farm and UNHCR – the UN Refugee Agency for the UK

 Kath Horner

I have recently retired from a career in health and social care, and I am pleased to be embracing a deep interest in creating art. I use acrylic paints sometimes with modelling paste, acrylic spray paint, gesso, rubbing alcohol and a variety of kitchen drawer tools and DIY objects and resources to create depth and structure to my paintings.

Art is all around us and has the power to raise awareness of current issues, and the power to change the world by contributing to a more reflective and inclusive society.

The paintings exhibited in Art Scene are influenced by what is happening to our environment. I would like you to see hope and a glimpse of what inspires me.

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